My Purpose


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hello world! I’m Angela Marie and I am the creator of Fitness Soiree. Fitness Soiree signifies the celebration of getting fit, having confidence while doing so and meeting, grooming and unleashing your inner self. I have suffered from Endometriosis, a very painful disorder that attacks your reproductive system, since I was 13. I have always used exercise as a way to zone out of my current pain and acknowledge a temporary but intense pain that rewarded me with a better body, more energy and more flexibility. I have 2 children and during both pregnancies, I gained 50 pounds and I suffered from PPD (post-parturn depression) with both. Fitness was the only way that I could gain control of my emotions, get rid of the access weight and dedicate some time to myself (because motherhood is a beautiful privilege, but BOY is it exhausting)! I worked-out tirelessly, in my living-room with Lifetime and for about 45 days and I earned my body back. That’s when I realized the power I had. Not very many people are disciplined enough to workout, alone, until they receive the results they are searching for.
A few months post having my 2nd child, I moved from Las Vegas (where my family was) to Miami. While I was in search of building my own family, the unfamiliarity of my whole reality, (new place,no family nor friends) drove me to depression. I was hardly eating. I could not tap into my will-power to exercise on my own. I had a fit physique but I was very unhealthy (inside and out). A couple of years later, I went back to college and I joined a Fitness Boot Camp that met in the park a few days a week. Although there were a number of people in that group that initially questioned my attendance, I found my own strength to complete the exercises and made great friends along the way. I became aware of the power group fitness generated. I had more than 1 example to watch, if I couldn’t do what the instructor was doing; I fed off their energy and encouragement; and we made each other physically and mentally stronger. That Boot Camp led to other workout environments and before I knew it, I was turning into the woman I wanted to be, in spite of all the obstacles that once served as a distraction.
I met many great people who taught me different techniques, challenged my physical capabilities and increased my knowledge of the human body. I also learned many dance techniques that I never thought I could properly do. Who knew the level of confidence waiting on the other side, when you learn how to pop, shake and drop your booty. Not only was I keeping fit, but I was learning new things about me that made me beyond confident! I now had a stride in my walk. My method of communication was more effective. My mindset was more positive. That’s when I realized that I was no longer my worst critique. I was my biggest fan!
The purpose of Fitness Soiree is to bring the elements of determination, confidence, health and sexiness to everyone that I possibly can! Through learning the different essential elements required to “Work That Body Baby”, watch as the world welcomes your unveiled self. This is a journey. By no means does this happen over-night. But, with an open mind, determination and a fabulous instructor leading the way, you’ll have no choice but to win!

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