#TwerkOutWorkOut Vids Online Rental Journey..7 Steps Of How I Got Out My Own Way

So, I finally have Twerk Out Work Out videos for rent on-line, but what tha hell took so long? Well, what had happened was… Ummm, I was too busy being busy, being really mean to me, flooding myself with self doubt and making myself sick. Now that’s some raw truth for yo ass! Here’s my 17 month journey on how I got over myself and instead, learned to believe in myself.

   As you know, I’m the creator and instructor of Twerk Out Work Out. I created this company in Vegas, (where I live) but I’m from Chicago and lived in Miami for a while. People all over the place have been asking me to post videos. I made a couple, put em out there via YouTube and heard crickets! I didn’t understand I was lacking technology knowledge (how to make my Galaxy 2 work for me), a following (still learning about that now), I was over thinking so much, I’m all stiff in these videos (I looked a hot mess!). Look, don’t judge me. I’ve come a long way and here’s a lil video to prove it! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InDVSg3gM6c)

Lesson 1: Be the Boss You Know Your Are

The number 1 wrong move I made was pouring my emotions into the judgments of others. I had to learn, it’s none of MY business what OTHERS think of me. I caught HELL for having a fitness class that involved twerking! I created a whole philosophy behind my creation before I created a name. Bad experiences of people speaking ill over my concept created a very guarded me. Negative thoughts caused a super stiff body when recording. I had to learn that obsessively focusing on combating negativity was drawing it to me. I felt shame in my limited resources. I had to learn how to make my resources work more effectively and take pride in that. I YouTube so much stuff, but so what! Take in what’s out there, but never change your package to anything that’s not you! .#KnoLikeUKnoLikeUKno

   I’m still in the new stages of teaching my class, but I see some major issues. My class has NO structure! I’m just doing random dances that make me feel good, but no one else knew a.) what the hell I was doing b.) how the hell to do it. I’m asking my clients for feedback and the crickets are louder than they were! So then I knew what I had to do.

Lesson 2: Become Structured

People go to fitness classes to be led, so lead em! This was my 1st time teaching (although I claimed otherwise in my interview), but I quickly learned the importance of teaching clients to count music, count steps, explaining what muscles were moving and which weren’t. Then, I challenged myself by taking those skills to the next level & I created routines. My regulars LOVED this because they could just hop on in and get it! #GetItGirl

More time goes by,and a sweet young lady from New Orleans finds my class. To describe my friend as a God-Send would be an understatement. When I met her, I was lost, uninspired and unmotivated.. Shortly after she came, things REALLY started to get fun! I found a family oriented young black profession who understood the value in twerking for fitness. She got my vision, appreciated what I was teaching and taught me a number of things. More than that, she believed in me which allowed me to start believing in myself too.

Lesson 3: CONNECT

Building your own business is no cake walk. Everyone can’t be trusted and you must protect your ideas and products like you would your children BUT connect with others, in spite of that. I’ve learned, what’s for me, is for me. If you get cool with a client, run some ideas past them. Family and friends are great means for a support system, but they can’t offer first hand insight like a client can. Ya never know what your new buddy’s insight may lead you to discover. #Holla@ThaPeople

Within 2 week of us meeting, she was helping me. Her hubby was recording the majority of the videos, our children hit it off and played together, I was building a support team. We worked during any free time we had. A lot of the recordings were done RIGHT after I hosted a class. I’m very hands on, so a lot of the time, I was exhausted. In spite of my exhaustion, I was so excited and eager to make the videos. Recording via cell phones presented it’s challenges, but what are ya gonna do?!?  I’m not an editing wiz, so I didn’t/don’t know how to edit that stuff out. (I know a lil somethin for Windows Movie Maker but if you know more, holla at ya girl!) Anyhow, that’s the story behind our babies darting in front of us while we were recording. I felt ashamed, as a professional, because I have to go from Twerk Fitness Instructor to Mommy. How was my online community gonna receive that!?!

Lesson 4: Have No Shame In Shuffling Hats

I don’t know ANYONE who is just 1 thing. Just a student, a son, a lawyer, so chill. Recognize your circumstances, make them work and don’t allow shame to crowd your space.I work a lot, so I bring my babies to work with me. They workout with my class, disrupt my lesson for hugs, kisses, money, whatever. It’s annoying sometimes but I just remember, I’m a mom & anyone witnessing this probably can relate. Also, don’t let your lack of certified titles discredit you. I’m not a professional dancer, but so what! I’m good at what I do and I’ve taught hundreds women.I go to other classes and pick up tips. When I can’t get out, YouTube, Google, Yahoo are always there to rescue me. Make sure you use em too.That’s why they’re there! ;). #That’sWhatIt’sMade4

Ok, so now I have a fitness class, I have routines, I have a support group and I’m making videos. My new problem was I wasn’t happy with my body. I’m not a licensed nor certified Dietitian and didn’t really understand about my diet and lifestyle effected my body. I had a little pudge in my gut, arms were small but not defined, had a lil cottage cheese in my thighs and booty, butt wasn’t up high and swole (I wanted to be sluggin. That’s when you got so much booty, it  drags the floor) All in all, I didn’t look like Serena Williams, and I felt that I should!

Lesson 5: Teach Yourself Your Lessons First

When I look at pics of myself in the beginning, I had a cute lil shape. I could improve a few things, but my man was happy. I had to understand the importance of implementing healthy eating habits, valuable seeds (like Chai and Flax), products, healthy snacks, what to drink and why. I had to learn how to build the body I wanted which was informing me of how to care for myself. This became my life, but I still saw myself the same way I did when I began. So, word to the wise, if your a fitness professional, that’s hella hard on yourself (like I was), listen to the people! Others saw my progress way before I did, which forced me to open my eyes and be more kind to myself. (I was tearin myself a new one at least 12 times a day, minimum). #NoNoNotNice

I was not in the best health. I just had 2 hernias corrected about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I was wondering why some days, my stomach was perfectly flat, then all of a sudden, my stomach was swollen. I was tired, had little to no energy, little to no appetite, constant headache, issues digesting food when I did eat. At one point, my upper belly (home of my hiatal hernia) distended about 4 inches from my stomach after hanging out on a Friday night. I went to bed (on my stomach, my fave position) and STILL went to work the next day. Now, I know that that’s simply crazy now, but I didn’t recognize that then. On top of that, this summer,I had my IUD laparoscopically removed in June and I have Endometriosis (for 20 yrs now). I don’t let pain paralyze me, but now I’m learning to take time out for myself.

Lesson 6: Put Yourself First!

A few years back, I was going through some extremely tough times and a mutual friend of my boyfriend and I gave me the most illogical advice, at the time. He said “put yourself 1st, so you’ll be able to be there for others.” I’m like fool, how does THAT make sense? Now I get it! Rest, eat, pray, read, make time for yourself. When being informed of my 2 Hernias, I was told 1 was caused by an Ulcer. Of course it was! I tried my best to be everything for everyone else. I had nothing left for myself and I never took a minute or two to re-boot. Don’t make the same mistakes I did. #StressKills

Add to the equation that I’m a full time mother of 2 children, I’m a co-hostess on Needle On The Record, I go to events, meetings, work… Pretty much I was too busy to help my damn self! Then, the random times I did get the nerve to post videos, I was so distracted from the imperfection I saw in myself, I wasn’t comfortable with releasing my work.

Lesson 7: Prioritize

I was doing the most! Starting my own company, assisting my mom with starting up hers, being a mom, girlfriend, friend, sister, aunt and everything else I am. I was burning both sides of the candle and the middle! I had to shake the shit out of myself and Focus! I made a list of all of my duties, highlighting the level of importance. I focused on what I wanted the outcome to be, listed my accomplishments so far and that led me to what I should be doing at that time. I had to learn that Twerk N Tone is my priority. I contribute to Needle On The Record and still fulfill my responsibilities. I’m still on mommy duty and fulfilling my other roles. Work has a cut-off time, I’m working on not overbooking my schedule and because I did that, my time with my children is much more enjoyable for everyone. Also, I had to look at the mistakes I made in older videos and feel pride. I’ve come a LONG WAY! Allow your previous self to remind you of the progress you have made. #YAYU

So I did it! I’m so happy and proud of this achievement. I feel so liberated and free because I did the work so now I’ve just closed my eyes and jumped! If you want to learn to twerk (for whatever reason), need a new fun workout or just wanna see the fruits o my labor, click the link https://www.connectpal.com/twerk-out-work-out-twerk-n-tone-twerk-fitness-services. Now bear in mind, I’m a work in progress. I’ve worked for the body I have now and I’m constantly perfecting the techniques I teach. The videos posted is raw footage and includes bloopers, kids running around, maybe a few cuss words. I think it also serves as a reminder, that 1. My business is a work in progress 2. I never get a day off in Mommy-hood 3. I started somewhere.Added bonus,u get to join me & I’m so happy about that! #FreeFallin

Recap: The Takeaway

Now you know my foolish mistakes and how I corrected them. Own your idea/product no matter what, have a method to your madness, connect with your clients, be proud of your other titles, learn the lessons you teach, prioritize baby! There’s beauty in the process of creation because of the flaws, fun and growth. Embrace it. I know I am (finally, lol). Now, I gotta be nosy… What are your hang ups with fitness, if any? Have you tried a Twerk Fitness Class? Would you; why or why not? Don’t be shy,let a sista know!


Angela Marie

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